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DJ Riley Finn

Beautiful Riley really is an absolutely sweetheart.   He is kind, spirited and a real character. He is out of the same mare as Chinook (2009) and California (2019).  No one is quite sure where Riley's height went, as his parents are both on the tall side.  However, he is a dynamo in a compact package!


Riley facebook cover

Unbelievable Darco x Cardino x Lord

15.3hh, 2012, black gelding

Now out on loan - good luck Riley!

loose jumping aged 2

When he was 2 years old, Riley did a very small loose jumping session and showed tremendous enthusiasm, sending himself down the row many times.  He also had style and height.  For this reason, and due to his zest for life, I believe that when Riley does jump he will do well.


Sadly, in February 2015, Riley had a stable accident and broke his bottom jaw quite badly. The only thing we could think he had done was catch his teeth on the small lip on his water bucket and jerked back in fear.   He was operated on the next day and had to spend 3 months in a stable to recouperate as he was not allowed to tug at grass to eat it.  He was a model patient, though wanted to be out with his family and friends.


Below: When Riley could go back out, he was so happy!

Riley is out

Riley was about to go to Jade for backing when he was kicked whilst playing and had a chip in his leg bone.  This was given plenty of time to heal, a year more than needed.  Riley was then backed and due to finances once he was happy being ridden, he returned to the field again, as I had five foals due to had to focus the funds there at that point.


Riley will therefore be sold from the field, as such, but could go to Jade for a few weeks to get tidied up and rebacked if required. This would incur an increase in his price, but he would then be ready to go.

Riley is so willing, keen and friendly, I do not think it will take him long to remember the ridden aids.  He is also such a lovely, caring, and kind character, that he will be suitable for older children or teenagers.  


As Riley is untested over jumps, and also due to his lack of mileage and experience, I am only asking £2500 for him as I think he would love being a youngster's horse.

Riley is now out on loan